….here we go!

A Wine Bar???  In Baraboo???  But of course!  We knew you were ready.

I’m sitting here listening to Ella Fitzgerald and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.  This is just the type of place I used to wish Baraboo had:  not too noisy, great wine list, perfect place for visiting–reconnecting with people.

Don’t get me wrong–I also enjoy more traditional type bars–but lately it seems this is the type of place I’m drawn to.  Besides the atmosphere, there’s the WINE!

Oh man.  I really like wine.  Maybe even love.  Wine’s divine.  Wine is fine.   There are literally thousands of types of wine.  So much to learn!  So many to taste!  We’ve learned a lot just since we opened, and are learning more all the time.

I’ll make posts here with wine trivia and thoughts about wine and new trends I’m aware of, as well as current happenings in our beautiful town… things I think you might enjoy knowing.

So for now, welcome and CHEERS!



Tuesday – Thursday  4:00 -9:00 pm
Friday and Saturday  4:00 – 10:00 pm (later as needed!)


126 3rd Street Downtown Baraboo, 53913 608-355-9463
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